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Here's the thing. . .

So my girl has never really had any fears of things. I never encouraged it and she never seemed to have a problem. If there did seem to be fear about something (part in a movie or what have you), I soothed her and said something appropriate about the situation. Well, about two months ago she and I were leaving my work with some co-workers who had a daughter serously bitten and hospitalized by a spider. I can understand their fear. But they passed it on to my girl by freakin out when a Daddy Long Leg was climbing on the door my daughter was near. Took my two freakin months to undo what they did (and I only accomplished that beause I put a patch of a spider on her new jean jacket and said it was a love spider). Now she seems to be scared of things I suppose are normal for almost 3 year olds, but really . . .ANTS?!

How does one handle the beginning seeds of fear? And squash them out before they become something too great? I'm not saying fear is a bad thing, neccesssarily, but I don't want a kid afraid of the dark or ants, especially when that kids favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas. . .
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