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Proud Single Parenting since the beginning of time

Just me and the kid(s) against the World

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This community is created for single parents (male or female) who are proud of the accomplishments they or their child/children are doing. Whether it be getting over the ex and problems, raising a child all by yourself, going back to school as your child goes (back) to school . . .whatever the case, be proud! Here you can also ask advice or questions pretaining to raising a child/children alone or share the cute thing your child/children did. Some venting is allowed, but keep that to a minimum. If you're different than "normal" parents or consider yourself "normal," welcome!


1.) Keep it on topic!
The obivous that can be looked over in almost any community.

2.) Keep the venting and ex bashing to a minimum. I understnad that most single parents have crap to deal with in regards to the ex (I know I do), but there is a healthy level of venting and an unhealthy level. Multiple consecutive bashing or excessive threads/posts will be deleted.

3.) Everyone is welcome from all different backgrounds and lifestyles. Do not bash/flame another's personal choices for themselves or on raising their child/children.

4.) Feel free to post links to cool sites or items found . . .as long as they are ON TOPIC.

5.) As moderator, I reserve the right to delete any post deemed unfit for this community with/without warning. If I feel nice, I'll let ya know why. If not, deal with it.

This community is still under construction.