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clos10 started talking in another post about how hard it is, in our busy lives, to exercise (for kids AND us) and how important it is (health, stress relief, role modeling).

I've been very reluctant to exercise in the evenings, after work, because it means giving up yet more family time and shoving my poor kiddo, fresh from 10 hours of daycare, into more childcare for an hour. I think I've finally found an answer though: I'm bike commuting. Takes the same time as the bus (about 35 min each way) and when I get home, I'm DONE working out. My daughter sees my bike, and me in bike gear, so I suppose it counts as a little role-modeling.

My daughter gets plenty of gym time now at daycare, but I know the public schools reduce gym/recess to very little. And I feel like opportunities for inside family exercsie (gyms) are almost none - I used to lobby my old gym hard to have a family night (once a month the YMCAs do this, family projects, swimming pool, free to all) but they made no money off of it so refused. Instead, all that the gyms here offer for kids are childcare while the parent works out. UGH!

As a family, in good weather we hike, kayak, swim, walk places and generally mess around on playgrounds a lot. But winter is much harder. The "open gym" times I see, free or low-cost playtime at the big playrooms in neighborhood community centers, are only open weekday daytimes (when I work of course). GRRR!

How do others here manage to fit in exercise for themselves and their kids?
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