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Lately, like within the last week or so, my little girl has decided that she is no longer as angelic as everyone would like to think. Now, I know most people would like to throw out the "Terrible Two's" phrase, but quite frankly, I don't believe that it's just the kids fault and that parents can perpetuate the idea by using and thinking through that phrase. Having said that, let's continue.

Gromit has lately been using the workd no alot more. Not just randomly either. This evening, I had to ask her if she would start listening to me the first time and she said "Uh-huh." Then I asked if she would stop hitting people and she said "No." She's been struggling with listening and obeying the first or even thrid time around. She has decided to start running into streets without a hand or being carried. She has decided not to go to bed, but rather sneak out of her room and get into all sorts of mishceief until I find her. Tues night she didn't fall asleep until 11pm.

This is really frustrating me and I can tell my temper is running dangerously thin for her. She's been in more time outs in the last week than in her whole life and I even swatted at her butt the night she wouldn't sleep. I'm loosing patience with her throughout the day so that night is just bad for the both of us.

How do I control her and myself so that she learns instead of just fears?! I am in desperate need for advice.
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