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The joys of having little girls...

So my little girl, my teeny-tiny, petite sweetheart of a child, just turned 4 today.

I am officially old. I remember holding all little 6lbs 2oz of baby Alannah as she was born. I remember staying up all night with a week old little girl who wouldn't stop crying. So we would watch my nightmare on elm street collection while she drank her bottles and slept soundly. I remember her first word (dada), her first steps and her first fart joke (princesssssssssssssss tooooooooooooooooootsss!!).

Today I saw her open her presents at Chucky Cheese (Hate that place soooo much) and get all excited about makeup and dresses. She has a new Snow White dress, a new tea set, loads of makeup and little craft butterflies. My mother flew down and took her shopping for clothes this morning. And I bought her a toy nursery set for her babies. She is a little mommy. My sister in her undying love for me, even put her present into a Victorias Secret bag. I got a glimpse of her bdays 20 years from now. That was not a cool thought.

As we were walking out she held my hand and kissed it and said thank you daddy I love you. That made my wallet stop screaming at me for how much money was spent that day and made me smile. These are the memories and reasons for me to keep going and get my life on track. Now I am going to go have a tea party with Snow White and 1 dwarf (Connor). Hailey fell asleep already. Oh, and I am Princess Daddy.

The self humiliation we do for our children!!
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